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“SV. ARCHANGEL” Foundation

“SV. ARCHANGEL” Foundation is established in 2004 with f.d. №10815/2004 at SGS and EIK 131313656 by Angelina Ivanova who is also its manager. It was registered as a social services organisation, aiming at bringing benefits to the various strata of society. Its mission is to assist society and the country in its social and educational policies by offering support to people in need regardless of their age, sex, race or faith.
Since 2004 we offer social services such as “social assistant”,” household helper”, “caretaker”, etc., at the homes of the needy.
The Foundation has developed its own project and at present is looking for partners to help finance the building of a Social Institution – “HOME FOR ELDERY PEOPLE and HOSPICE”, a charity account has been opened for that purpose.